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Josh Gibson MD

About Josh Gibson MD

Josh Gibson, M.D. is the VP of Digital Transformations and Director of People Operations and Innovation Strategy at Pilot44 LLC, a leading disruptive innovation studio based in San Francisco, California. He focuses on the design and delivery of new digital transformation initiatives, primarily in the medical and consumer spaces. His work draws from over 20 years of training and experience as are puted psychiatrist and his work with mental health, as well as from numerous years of coaching and consulting clients and companies on how to create positive changes at both the individual and organizational level.


Josh Gibson M.D.

Josh Gibson Josh Gibson, M.D. is currently the Director of People Operations and Innovation Strategy at Pilot 44 LLC, a prominent and major disruptive innovation studio situated in San Francisco, California. Josh is responsible for looking after the design and delivery of new digital transformation ideas, largely in the medical and consumer sectors. His work draws from approximately 20 years of training and experience in the field of psychiatry and management consulting.


December 15, 2021

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December 31, 2021.



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Exceptional Beginnings

Josh Gibsonreceived his M.D. in Psychiatry from the prestigious Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, where he was awarded the Arnold P. Gold Foundation prize for clinical expertise and dedication to humanism in the field of medicine. He thencompleted his residency in psychiatry from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), where he won the American Medical Association Foundation 2000 Leadership Award and the Alexander Simon Award for teaching. After that, he taught and supervisedresidents andworked as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry for more than a decade.

Since then, Josh has served as an Editorial Board Member of Web M&M, as the Committee Chair of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry and as a Senior Clinician for Quartet Health, a platform that connects people with mental health providers and services. In addition to his role at Pilot44, Josh currently works as an Executive Coach and Consultant to assist individuals in finding fulfillment at work, and to help clients develop management skills by teaching them the effective use of emotional data in the workplace so that they can lead dynamic and high-functioning teams. Prior to entering the medical and technology sector, Josh worked as a Senior Consultant for Accenture, working with several Fortune 500 companies across thefinancial services, healthcare and retail industries.

Josh leads a very comfortable and happy life with his wife and two children in San Rafael, California. When not working, he enjoys running, playing basketball and listening to music. A lesser-known fact about Josh is that he has a B.A in English from Cornell University, and is currently working on writing a novel and a collection of poems.


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Josh Gibson MD grant

As a practicing doctor, Josh is highly regarded for hiskindness and exceptional leadership skills. In addition to dedicating years of his life as a psychiatrist and helping individuals lead emotionally healthier lives, Josh has also spenta lot of his time, energy and passion on philanthropy, especially in helping younger people. Among his many philanthropic initiatives is the Josh GibsonMD Grant- an annual financial aid of $1,000 awarded to some of the most talented students from low-income backgrounds throughout the country.
TheJosh GibsonMD Grantis meant to financial support talented and driven students with the resources they need in order to fund their college education and become successful in their lives. The grant is a one-time financial award for the most deserving student who can write a brilliant essay on the question, “How difficult has it been to finance your college education to this point?”

Many studies indicate that two-thirds of American students who graduate are forced to take a loan, which usually amounts to approximately $20,000. By offering the Josh Gibson MD Grant, John hopes to help students from less privileged backgrounds complete their education without facing the hefty burden of debts and loans.


In order to be eligible for the grant, all applicants must first meet the following criteria:
• The applicant must currently be a high school senior expected to enroll in an accredited US college or university OR
• The applicant must already be enrolled in an accredited US college or university
• The applicant must submit an essay on the topic:How difficult has it been to finance your college education to this point?

The Josh GibsonMD Grantwill be awarded based on the evaluation of the entire application and essay.
Amount: The winner will receive a one-time nonrefundable financial aid of $1,000.

Deadline: December 15, 2021

The final date of submission for the Josh Gibson MD Grantis December 15, 2021.The winner will be notified via an official email on December 31, 2021 and their name will be published on www.joshgibsonmdgrant.com

Application Process:

All applicants must submit their essay as a WORD file toinfo@joshgibsonmdgrant.com along with the following details:
• Name
• Phone Number
• Mailing Details
• Email Address
• Date of Graduation
• The university or college to which you have applied or are enrolled in

Selection of Winner:

Following a rigorous and competitive evaluation process, the student with the most outstanding application and essay will be chosen as the winner of the Josh Gibson MD Grant. Hence, all applicants are encouraged to write an essay that is informative, detailed, and original. The winning applicant will receive a notification through email on December 31, 2021, which they must acknowledge at the earliest. The money will then be transferred to his/her financial aid/bank account.

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